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5Dimes is a bookie that caters mainly to the USA market. But their unique variety of betting opportunities has made them popular among punters around the world. After many years they finally decided to add the possibility to bet not only in American odds but also in decimal odds which makes them more accessible for Europeans.

Bet at 5dimes

5Dimes PROS:

  • Reliable sportsbook. Although they are based in Caribbean, their 10 years history in the field serves as the best reliability check. Tony, the owner, is just simply crazy. He could occasionally bother big punters, but in the end 5Dimes paid out almost everyone including scammers, because they know their good name is priceless.
  • Unique offer of sports. They offer a really wide range of US sports. Unlike with other sportsbooks you can find a wide selection of moneylines and alternative spreads (alternative Asian handicaps). For ice-hockey (NHL) they have lines that are available at 5Dimes only.
  • They list also minor tennis events – challengers, which are hard to find elsewhere.
  • Reduced juice! For main US sports they offer -105 lines with lower limits. Ask at their live chat right after you sign up whether you can get the -105 lines. There’s no chance to find a lower vig for MLB than their 5cents overnight lines.
  • 5Dimes has a nice bonus – reward system. It is a bit complicated though and their rules change often. Bonuses are free plays (the original stake disappears after bet is placed). Always check current rules on their live chat.
  • 5Dimes is recreational sportsbook, however they let you win quite big (mid 5 figures).
  • They pay to USA and pay quite fast. Sportsbook under radar.
  • You can parlay almost everything.

5Dimes CONS:

  • Confusing bonus system.
  • Old school design.
  • Not very good for live betting. Their offer is limited to main US sports events and it’s possible to bet during breaks only.
  • Not the best customer service. Assistants are sometimes confused. Always keep emails or chat conversations with them for further reference.

Bet at 5dimes

Overall 5Dimes

For US players there are not many sportsbooks like 5Dimes. If you are from the USA and you want to bet online, 5Dimes is definitely a good choice.

If you are from elsewhere, then it is good auxiliary sportsbook. You will not get so high bonuses as US players, but if you bet on tennis or hockey, you should check them occasionally. Maybe you will find value.

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