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If you are considering betting with Bet365 this review might be handy. Bet 365 in not flawless, but there is no such a thing as flawless sportsbook. It’s quite common to come across web pages that try to manipulate you to register with a certain sportsbook claiming that it is the best one. The truth is that there are better and worse bookies and each of them has its strong and weaker points. With Bet365 you are less likely to run into trouble than with many other ones.

Bet365 PROS:

  • Reliability. UK based and regulated. Well managed family business that doesn’t rely on stupid management. They are doing very well within UK and European competition such as Ladbrokes, Will Hill or Bwin. Pay outs are without problems and they will treat you like THE CUSTOMER.
  • Excellent customer service. Could be compared only to PinnacleSports and TheGreek/BetJamaica. Have you ever experienced speaking to an outsourced and underpaid CS that many businesses tend to hire these days? It is a real pain in the ass. You are safe from this hell with Bet365, all their CS people seem to be pretty well trained and helpful.
  • Wide range of sporting events. You can bet on almost everything and their live betting selection is also extensive. Much more than ATDHE covers.
  • Free sport streams. (If you make a small initial deposit like 10 Euro).
  • Many bonuses. Bonuses are vital for successful punter. Bet365 offers a lot of them.
  • Variety of languages, currencies and even someone from CS is likely to speak your language if you are not fluent in English.
  • High limits. They offer one of highest limits online even for exotic bets.


  • Average to under-average vig (margin). While other bookies are competing with 1.91 (9/10, -110) odds, BET365 can get as low as 1.83 (8/10, -120) with their lines. For live betting it is their standard. On the other side even those odds have sometimes huge value or it’s simply impossible to bet on this event elsewhere.
  • They don’t like big winners. As a recreational sportsbook and they limit big winners to 1% of their betting limits. They used to be more strict, but these days they let you win anything between 10,000 – 100,000 EUR. If you are not betting thousands, they will not bother you.
  • Their KYC (know your customer) procedure is a bit lengthy. Usually they post you a letter and you can’t withdraw until you receive it and confirm your address by a code included in this letter.
  • Their website is full of flash which consumes a lot of bandwidth and sometimes slows down your computer.
  • They do not accept US players.


The basic strategy for successful betting is line shopping. Simply find and bet the best odds on the market. Usually the best odds for one side are at professional sportsbooks and for the other side at recreational sportsbooks. Therefore a good strategy is to have money at least at one professional and one recreational sportsbook. Bet365 is a top recreational bookie, so by starting with them you will not go wrong.

If you like in-play betting BET365 is almost a must have for you. Register here.

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