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Bodog is the enfant terrible of betting industry. It’s difficult to find other North American bookie that offers such an excellent and innovative gaming experience. The owner – Calvin Ayre – is the Larry Flynt of gambling as he keeps fighting the US government. Now, when Usama bin Laden is dead, Pokerstars and Fulltilt is pushed out of the US market, Mr. Ayre is maybe the most wanted “terrorist” on the planet Earth. However his business in Canada is full functional.

Attention: BODOG has new brand just for USA, called BOVADA. At BOVADA.lv you can expect the same service as usual and you money, pending bets and winnings from Bodog (if you are US customer) will be moved under Bovada.

But let’s see what his baby, Bodog, offers:

Bodog PROS:

  • Caters to Canadian customers and pays them, which is not so common these days.
  • North american sports focused sportsbook – NFL, NCAA, MLB, NBA, NHL; but also offers tennis and soccer.
  • Nice bonuses
  • Live betting on many events, usually betting on props, so if you have detailed info on some team and you know the players well, that’s the way to go.
  • Strong poker base with a lot of “fishes”.
  • Very nice lines for underdogs.
  • Excellent customer service, now also with live chat.
  • Fast payouts.
  • Almost 20 years history.

Bodog CONS:

  • US government is not happy about their sister business which makes betting with them still a little dangerous even though they have EU license.
  • They track their customers and impose betting limits based on country of residence and adjust lines according to player’s profile. Despite the adjusted lines you can still sometimes get the best line at Bodog.
  • Average to high vig/margin, especially for props.

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