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Unibet is a decent Euro bookmaker. Their origins are in Scandinavia in Scandinavia, where they have strong customer base, but their formal registration is in Malta for tax reasons. Here is in short, why they are worth trying, especially if you are from Europe.

Unibet PROS:

  • Dedicated customer service for EU market, live chat included
  • Huge live-betting coverage, many in-running props, opportunity to sell your bet (generally it is quite tricky because of high vig), live streaming
  • Many local currencies, fast payouts
  • Nice bonuses – sign up and reload, Unibet is also popular for their quick quiz that they produce at every end of year – even many pros like to play it for fun
  • Years in industry, still growing sportsbook
  • You can parlay everything
  • French players can bet @ Unibet legally

Unibet CONS:

  • They are recreational sportsbook, so limiting winners is normal. However, they limit more and more. Your money is never at risk, but if you win too much, you can see your betting limit can be soon very low. But customers from west and north Europe are limited less.
  • Live betting has somehow higher vig.
  • Their website is full of flash which is slowing down computers, especially the ones with low performance like netbooks.

Unibet overall

It is an average sportsbook. Useful for some live betting, handy if you want to watch sports online. You will make no mistake to add them to your sportsbook portfolio. They sometimes move lines slowly, especially during the night and for US sports. If you don’t show up for a while they will offer you a very nice bonus. Good secondary sportsbook.

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