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Why Atdhe

Why to use Atdhe?

Because we have less ads, that’s why.

It’s simple as that. We are trying not to bother viewers with tons of advertisements, because we believe it’s just not effective. And that’s not a marketing trick, it’s not some PR crap you read and two minutes later you found it’s just a lie. This is real!

You know, there are plenty of sport streaming websites. Video quality is usually more or less the same (sometimes it’s pretty ugly though). But what good makes a high quality video, when there is like fifty advertisements and twenty popups to be closed even before you can even see what is happening on the pitch?

Let’s demonstrate the difference between Atdhe and one of the other sport stream websites. Try to compare the streaming pages on both sites (follow the red arrows):

not atdheNot Atdhe

One, two, three, four, five… six advertisements? Just in the area around the video? With lots of different colors? Plus all that other garbage laying around… That’s not very nice. Okay, let’s take a look at Atdhe:





Yes. One. With colors relative to the colors of the page’s layout, so it won’t bother you that much when watching your favorite sport event. And pretty clean design too.

So it’s 6 vs. 1, huh? Not particularly a good score for our competitors… Yet, it’s not over. Take a look at the ads placed in the stream itself:


Four ads, one of them you can’t close until you wait eleven seconds, plus two pop-ups in a row. What about Atdhe




Three ads, all of them can be closed immediately and only one pop-up which opens at start and won’t bother you later anymore. And what is the best part? Our pop-ups does NOT contain a 3rd party malware content! No spying software on your computer and no viruses or any other crap. Just regular ads.


How Atdhe thinks

You see? This is just the way how Atdhe likes it!

Plain and simple, with the respect for our visitors. With real respect, because we understand that this is (as bookmakers would say) a win-win situation for both sides. Less ads means more visitors. And that’s exactly what we want. Atdhe already has some amount of credibility in the world of free sport streaming. And we are trying to use that power to force the streamers to reduce the amount of ads in their streams. Because we can decide what ads will be displayed on our website, but the ads inside the stream itself – well, that’s not something we can affect directly; those are in hands of the streamer himself.

Ads could be really annoying and no one wants them, but nevertheless, website has to earn a living somehow. Hence the world entirely without advertising is probably just a wishful thinking. On the other hand, is it really necessary to make so much mess with advertisements when you want to make some money out of your effort? And the most important question: Does more ads mean more revenue for the website owner?

We don’t think so. People are tired so much of all those advertisements jumping up at you everywhere you go… Especially on the internet it’s just terrible. And people often don’t even perceive them anymore. It’s called banner blindness and practically it means that more ads you place on your website, the less likely people click even on one of them. And who could blame them…?

This is why we have the least ads from all of the other streaming websites. We just don’t think it would do any good. Plus we don’t think that bothering people with so many advertisements is a really good way how to keep people to coming to your site in the first place. We want people to come to Atdhe and stay there and we want them occupied with watching actual sport streams, not just the ads!

Our long term goal is to provide ad free streams for our visitors, but to do so, we really need a big user base. So feel free to spread the word about Atdhe and speed the process up.

Tips for watching sport streams

Finally we have a couple of “good advice” tips when watching sports streams on any website. Might come in handy:

  • never download anything – yes, they will try to convince you that you need some special app for watching, yes, they will try to force you to download some ‘special’ plugin for your browser and yes there will be pop-ups demanding saving some file to your computer; it’s all crap, sometimes very dangerous. Just don’t do it. Don’t download anything, you don’t need any of that. There are plenty of sites where you dont need ANY additional software for watching desired sport event, so stick to that
  • use antivirus and firewall – I know it’s an “of course omfg” advice but there are still plenty people who think you don’t need something like this when browsing on the net. Trust me, you do. Even nowadays.
  • if you click on advertisement, think. There are some “normal ads” like ads of sportsbooks, for example pinnacle or bovada/5dimes for US visitors, but amongs them there are plenty of scamy ads – for casino website (usually some semi-thieves trying to rob you online) and “win large amount of money fast” sites. Don’t believe them, use your head first before joining in somewhere.

That’s all we wanted to say. Keep in mind that Atdhe is here for you – as you are here for us. And we want you to keep coming back! See you on Atdhe!

Atdhe – the least annoying ads 😉