Hi sports fans. From now on ATDHE is not only the place for best sport streams online. We’re extending Atdhe to be also a source of information about sports betting with focus on live betting.

Sounds just like an opener for another online scam? Well, not this time. As brings you free sport streams, will bring you occasional posts on making money by sports betting online. Still sounds like a scam? Let me tell you a little more.

Why do I think I have something to say about sports betting? Because that is how I make my living. Will I reveal everything? Hell no. Can you expect picks that will never lose or will I be selling tips? Nonsense. Every time you come across something like that on the internet it is a scam, guaranteed. But I can show you where to begin. The rest is up to you. Read this website carefully and read between the lines. In poker about 5% of people make some money. In sports betting the number is much lower. The fact is that most people will just keep losing. The details how to stop being loser and actually make some profit will be published on ATDHE blog.

The first step that determines whether you have a chance to make some cash is choosing the right bookie. Whether you’re already betting online or you’re just considering it right now, please read carefully the following.

If you are from the USA there are many places where you can do better than with your local bookie. Wider range of betting options and often better odds could be found. As an example of a reliable sportsbook lets choose 5Dimes:

Bet at 5dimes

  • 5Dimes aims on the US market, offers mainly US sports and has no problems with processing payments to/from USA
  • They offer variety of bonuses and even reduced juice on main leagues
  • You can make many special types of bets like parlays of most events
  • They are very interesting also for international customers especially for unique offers of tennis challengers

Here is full review of 5Dimes. Don’t miss it.

And of course – The Pinnacle:
Online Sports Betting at Pinnacle Sports
If you do not know Pinnacle yet, here is full review of PinnacleSports.
If this brief introduction caught your attention there is much more to read on any of the above mentioned topics here on the blog. And a lot more is to come, so keep watching or simply add our blog to your RSS feed.

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